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James Arthur and Matt Cardle in music feud

2012-12-20 13:57:00

Matt Cardle and James Arthur

Battle of the X Factor winners as 2010 champ Matt Cardle slams 2012 victor James Arthur.

It started from this seemingly innocent observation made by James: 'The blokes that have won before have had a niche, they haven't sold records because they haven't made great albums. That's the bottom line.'

But he hit a nerve.

Speaking to The Mirror, Matt Cardle hit back at what he obviously saw as a thinly-veiled attack on his career post-The X Factor. "Look, James, you're very talented but you haven't sold two million records yet, which I have," he retaliated.

"You haven't had two top 10 albums yet, which I've had. Don't start mouthing off before you've even really left the show". The 29-year-old, who beat One Direction to the X Factor crown, added: 'I doubt he's even listened to my albums. It's a shame and I hope it doesn't do him too much damage."

Matt also said: "Not only has he offended me, but he's offended every other person that's won the X Factor and everyone who works or has written on these albums. That's some of the best songwriters in the world - all these people - and he's now rubbished their work. So it's a pretty s*** thing for him to have said.'

He also admonished James for his insistence that X Factor acts were wrong to compromise. 'If he hasn't "compromised" himself one iota then I think he's lying. Everybody makes compromises all through their life and especially on something like X Factor.'

James Arthur hasn't responded as yet, but this one could run and run.


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