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Hannah Barrett: X Factor racist abuse disappointing

2013-11-25 17:46:50

Hannah Barrett

Hannah Barrett, the latest contestant to be voted off The X Factor, has said she was "disappointed" by the racist abuse she got while on the show.

"These people who were being racist towards me were black themselves, or were just a little bit lighter or mixed raced," she said.

She also said the problem was not limited to the audience of the show.

"In the charts now you have light-skinned people, light-skinned women, that everyone's attracted to."

She added: "There's hardly, really, a black woman everyone's attracted to as much."

Hannah Barrett

Barrett said she felt it was important to address the issues of race and appearance in the music industry.

"You do see a lot of women who are black but just lighter. I think it was kind of hard for everyone to think she [Hannah] is fully black, she's proper dark."

In the charts now you have light-skinned
people, light-skinned women, that
everyone's attracted to"


Hannah Barret

She also said it was not only her who felt there was a lack of positive role models in the media.

"A lot of black girls feel the same. When you feel like that your self-esteem goes low and then you say, 'I want to be lighter'.

"At the end of the day, black is beauty."

Hannah Barrett

The 17-year-old was in the bottom two against Rough Copy, the boy band mentored by Gary Barlow.

"Obviously I was upset to go but I was kind of happy to go as well. These guys, they're going to work so hard."

The X Factor final takes place on Sunday 15 December with money from the winner's single going to help two charities.

Syco Entertainment will split profits between Great Ormond Street Hospital and Together for Short Lives.

Source: bbc.co.uk

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