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Wife gives husband best valentine's day gift ever

2013-02-09 23:57:08

James Jones and Melissa Degesso-Jones

While most women will sit in anticipation of what their husbands and boyfriends will get them for Valentine's Day, one woman in Lake Mary, Fla., will give her husband a gift that cannot be found on any retail store shelf or "Best Valentine's Day Gifts" web post: her kidney.

News 13 in Orlando reports that Melissa Degesso-Jones' husband, James Jones, has been suffering from renal failure for a while. When he was told that he needed a kidney transplant, his wife immediately volunteered to see if she was a match.

There wasn't any reservation, or never did I ever fathom the idea I wouldn't be," said Melissa. "That's the funny part. I never thought, 'Oh, what if I don't match?' I just assumed I would."

Her assumption was right. She was a match.


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