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Teletubbies landmark flooded by farmer to deter tourists

2013-09-01 15:00:30

Hotspot for tourists: The hill house used to shoot Bafta-winning children's TV show the Teletubbies

A farmer has flooded the home of children’s TV favourites the Teletubbies - because she was sick of tourists trespassing on her land in Wimpstone, Warwickshire.

The hill house used by Dipsy, Laa-laa, Tinky Winky and Po in the CBeebies show has been turned into a pond by the farmer.

The pond where the Teletubbies house once stood

When the Bafta-winning show, which was shot on the farm from 1997 to 2001, was axed the television set was removed leaving just a gentle grassy slope.

But Teletubbies fans kept trespassing on the hill until owner Rosemary Harding moved the diggers in and turned the site into a pond.

'People were jumping fences and crossing cattle fields,' said the 63-year-old, who runs an aquatics shop at the countryside location.

'To be honest, we're pleased to see the back of it,' she told the Sunday People.

The hill was decorated with a magic windmill, windows and flowers during the show's four-year run, which is still being shown on children's TV channel CBeebies.

The infamous teletubby hill has now been turned into a pond

The BBC filmed 365 episodes of the Teletubbies and it went on to be worldwide TV hit.

Dipsy, Laa-laa Tinky Winky and Po also topped the pop charts. The show's theme tune 'Teletubbies Say Eh Oh' reached No.1 in December 1997, and sold more than one million copies to stay in the Top 75 for 32 weeks.


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