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Teen arrested for yelling 'bingo' in crowded hall

2013-03-24 00:32:39

For one young prankster, bingo spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

Austin Whaley was arrested after busting in on a crowded bingo hall in Covington, Ky., filled with elderly women. The 18-year-old yelled "bingo," and the hall erupted in chaos.

"When they realized it wasn't a real bingo, they started hooting and hollering and yelling and cussing," arresting police officer Richard Webster told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "People take their bingo very seriously."

When Whaley refused to apologize, the officer arrested him on a disorderly conduct charge.

"Instantly, (the officer) grabbed my hand, handcuffs me and then takes me into the back of his cruiser," Whaley told NBC in a segment that aired Thursday.

The young man faced 90 days in jail and a $250 fine for the offense, which took place last month. Instead, a judge ordered him to stay away from the bingo hall. He also is forbidden to say the word "bingo" for six months, an order Whaley isn't taking very seriously.

"I tried to say it backward, like 'o-bing,' or something along the lines of that," he told NBC. "Kids out there - don't say bingo in the bingo hall!"

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