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'Shoplifter' runs into trouble

2012-10-19 07:20:45

Asda Shoplifter

An alleged shoplifter was left with his trousers down after being hit by a car as he ran out of an Asda store.

The man was being chased by a security guard who believed he had helped himself to alcohol in the supermarket. As he crossed a road he was hit by a small car and catapulted over its roof.

The force of the impact dragged down his black jeans, revealing his buttocks. When the security guard stopped to ask if he was harmed, the man tried to flee but fell repeatedly.

Asda told the Daily Mail it was investigating the incident and its policy was that staff should never risk harm to themselves or others in the course of their duties.

No one has been arrested over the incident.

See what happened in the video below:


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