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Real police wade in to arrest fictional thief

2012-11-22 08:30:42

Lee Nelson

A comedian got more than he bargained for when he was chased around a major store by a make-believe police officer.

South London tearaway Lee Nelson - a creation of comic Simon Brodkin - ended up on London's Oxford Street where a real police community support officer became involved trying to arrest the "thief".

Shoppers looked on amazed and traffic came to a halt as the struggle took place on one of Britain's busiest shopping streets.

A spokeswoman for Simon said: "He was doing a signing for his DVD at HMV in Oxford Street, and as a treat for his fans he 'stole' one of his own DVDs, then was chased around the store by an actor dressed up as a police officer.

"Somehow they ended up out on the pavement, where a real police community support officer got involved, thinking it was a theft taking place.

"Shoppers were looking on and buses were stopping, it was all very dramatic.

"The community support officer brought him back into the store where it was explained that it hadn't been a real theft taking place."

Simon, a former doctor who gave up his medical career to pursue work as a stand-up, stars in his own BBC Three show, Lee Nelson's Well Good Show, and has written for and appeared with comedians Al Murray and Jason Manford.

"Lee" said later: "How can you get arrested for nicking your own DVD? Mr Loophole lawyer, if you're reading this, get me off and I'll sort you out with the 20 other DVDs I took."


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