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Pizza delivery man killed for being 40 minutes late

2012-10-24 17:30:39

A pizza delivery man was killed by a furious client in Mexico for being 40 minutes late, according to police.

Andres Diaz Rivera body, eyes blindfolded and hands bound, was found on Monday in the town of Tetla, some 90 miles east of Mexico City, according to the public prosecutor's office in Tlaxcala state.

The 25-year-old delivery man, had last been seen Saturday evening as he left to drop off a late order.

Jose Luis Lima Moran, the 22-year-old client, who hit the police officer who discovered the delivery man's moped, admitted that he beat and locked up his victim for five hours with the help of his girlfriend.

It was when the delivery man tried to escape from the ordeal, that the client allegedly stabbed him multiple times before dumping the body in an empty area next door.

Source: The Telegraph

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