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Mike Tyson KO'd by Koala Bear

2012-11-20 06:23:15

Mike Tyson

At one point during his boxing career, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was described as one of the baddest men on the planet.

Now, he's remembered for his cameos in the Hangover movies and most recently, he lost a battle of wits with a koala in Brisbane, Australia.

Tyson was in Australia for his "Day of The Champions" public speaking tour and during a media session, a handler from the Alma Park Zoo brought a koala bear named Trace for Tyson to pet.

After sizing each other up, Tyson appeared to be afraid of the koala and didn't want to pet the cuddly animal in front of the television cameras. During the amusing scene, Iron Mike provided a logical explanation of why he didn't want to pet him:

"Good animals go bad sometimes," Tyson said.

"I'm sure they've got a lot of bacteria in those nasty claws," he said. "A friend of mine had a koala scratch him."


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