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Mike Tyson denied visas down under

2012-10-04 23:57:16

FORMER world boxing champion Mike Tyson must be kept out of Australia.

Not because of the mayhem he caused in the ring, though that included biting a chunk out of another boxer's ear and knocking down a referee.

Tyson must be denied a visa because of a rape for which he served a jail sentence in the US, and other assaults and drug offences.

It is a matter of court record that the boxer persuaded an 18-year-old girl to go with him in his chauffeur-driven limousine to a party, but instead took her to his hotel, where he raped her and she ran crying for help.

Tyson wants to take part in a motivational speaking tour and says he wants to take his children to the Melbourne Zoo.

But in the current climate of fear generated by attacks on women, a visit by Tyson would serve only to condone his violent past.

The boxer who fought for multi-million-dollar purses is entitled to rebuild his life.

But New Zealand decided this week it would not be there, and Australia should take the same view.

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