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Man faces jail for underwear, national flag comparison

2013-09-01 17:59:01


The national flag of Indonesia is no laughing matter, as Malaysian businessman Broderick Chin has found out.

The vegetable oil manager is reportedly facing jail after suggesting that his and his wife's underwear could be used as a substitute for the Indonesian flag.

He made comments - which may or may not have been meant it jest - after his employee could not find a flag to fly on Indonesian Independence Day, reportedly saying: "In that case, just use my underpants. I have red underpants and my wife has white ones" - red and white being the colours of the country's flag.

Police spokesman Agus Rianto isn't seeing the funny side though, saying Chin will be formerly charged after his employees complained. The maximum sentence for insulting state symbols under Indonesian law is five years, not funny in the slightest.


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