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Loophole in reward money for Christopher Dorner

2013-02-13 23:47:20

Christopher Dorner

A $1 million dollar reward for citizens who were critical in helping law enforcement to corner the presumed dead Chris Dorner may not be distributed.

TMZ reports that there were three awards offered for information leading to the capture of Dorner. The mayor of Los Angeles offered a $1 million award, which was funded by private citizens. The stipulation is that Dorner must be "captured and convicted" before anyone can be given the reward money.

The L.A. City Council announced a reward for $100,000 for information leading to "the identification, apprehension, and conviction" of Dorner. Though, if Dorner is officially announced dead, there may be an issue with the "conviction" part. Sources in the City Council tell TMZ that there is a disagreement between the Legislative Analyst and the City Attorney over how to interpret the reward language.

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors also offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to the ex-cop's capture. Though one source said that Dorner was "cornered," not captured.

Simply put: No one may get a dime of the reward money.

There is no word on whether the rules will be amended to accommodate citizens for any information that helped law enforcement in the presumed capture and death of Dornor.


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