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Lewis Hamilton splashing cash to win Nic back

2013-08-01 00:19:01

Lewis and Nicole

Lewis Hamilton has spent £500,000 trying to win back his ex Nicole Scherzinger.

The multi-millionaire F1 ace has been secretly flying Nicole on £90,000-a-time private jet trips in a desperate bid to save their relationship.

He's even installed a lavish £150,000 dressing room at the home they used to share to try to lure Nicole home again.

Lewis, 28, was devastated when X Factor star Nicole, 35, dumped him for refusing to commit to a wedding date.

But in the past week they have grown close again, with Lewis now in pole position to win her back - thanks to a string of lavish gestures.

Nicole Scherzinger
The couple split amongst rumours that Nicole was frustrated that Lewis wasn't ready for marriage

A source said: "Lewis has been working 24/7 to win Nicole back and even though she's not materialistic he's splashing the cash big time to try to dazzle her back into his arms.

"They have had two secret get togethers since the split, with Lewis coughing up for a private jet to whisk Nicole over to see him at the drop of a hat.

"Nicole is still really angry Lewis was unprepared to commit to marriage, but he's desperate to get her back and says this time he'll pop the question and be a great family man.

"Only a few days ago he sent her a £120,000 diamond bracelet with a note saying he was totally lost without her.

"But Nicole was really taken aback when Lewis got builders in to create her £150,000 dream dressing room at the home they used to share, which she designed before they split up.

"Money is obviously no obstacle to someone who earns as much as him so he’s going all guns blazing to make a big effort.

"He said, 'You can't put a price on happiness. I'm totally lost without Nicole by my side'.

"Lewis is making it very clear he's serious about making it work but he's still hanging on Nicole's decision. It's driving him crazy."

The couple split for a second time last month after Nicole became infuriated by Lewis’'behaviour in their relationship.

Last week Lewis - who won his first race for Mercedes at Sunday's Hungarian GP - published two revealing tweets.

In the first he said: "If you've found that special someone, don't EVER let them go no matter what!! Nothing in this world is more important..."

Later he added: "Nicole once told me how beautiful Vienna was, now I see she was right."

Last a night a source close to the singer said: "She has been pretty blown away by Lewis' efforts. They are on the phone together for hours a day.

"She just wants to be sure she won't end up looking stupid if she gives him a third chance.

"It breaks her heart every time they break up.

"She wants a man who she can start a family with and have a proper marriage. It's only now that Lewis has lost her that he realises the mistake he made."


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