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I'm A Celebrity bushtucker: nutritional benefits

2012-12-03 21:48:16

Have you ever pondered on the exact nutritional breakdown of foods such as lamb's testicles and ostrich anus? Well ponder no more, LighterLife's Dr Kelly has done the analysis.

Scroll through the gallery below to see which bushtucker meals could provide the ideal supplement to your regular diet.

We asked Dr Kelly what she makes of the I'm A Celebrity bushtucker trials.

As a nutritionist, what do you think of the items consumed on I'm A Celebrity?

The items consumed on I'm A Celebrity aren't prepared or presented in the most appetising way so are perhaps not the best means of enjoying, or benefiting from, a bushtucker diet. If prepared carefully and incorporated into standard meals however, insects at least are a nutritionally viable alternative to traditional meat.

Are any of them downright dangerous to eat?

Hopefully the show wouldn't give any of the contestants anything dangerous! There are some things, such as mouse tails, which have next to no nutritional value, and are in fact hard for the body to digest as our stomach acid isn't strong enough. As demonstrated above, insects can be nutritionally valuable, as long as any poisonous ones are avoided. However, eating them raw is a different matter; it is impossible to know what kind of chemicals and pesticides they may have been exposed to so, if left uncooked, they could be toxic.

So will you be tucking in?

Despite their impressive nutritional value and potential to solve world hunger problems, I'm not sure I could bring myself to eat insects. I have heard, however, that crickets are a great alternative to shrimp and that deep-fried mealworms are quite tasty. As for testicles and crocodile claws - I think I'd rather stick to traditional cuts of meat!


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