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Heatwave to continue for at least another week

2013-07-12 11:26:57


The entire country is baking in well above-average temperatures with this weekend expected to heat up even more.

Forecasters last night said Britain could see the record for the highest ever temperature broken with thermometers poised to break the 100F (38C) mark.

The mercury will rocket widely into the high 80Fs and 90Fs with blue skies and wall-to-wall sunshine on the cards for the whole country.

The Met Office said the hot weather will last over the weekend and into next week as even the far north sizzles in searing temperatures.

Spokesman Lindsay Mears said: “It is going to be pretty hot for the next few days into the weekend and possibly beyond.

"Even Scotland has seen some amazing temperatures already, and has been warmer than the South which is unusual.

"The lovely spell of very warm weather is expected to last into next week."


She said although the Met Office has not yet issued a heat health warning it is "keeping an eye" on temperatures.

Experts agree although it may feel slightly cooler today (Wednesday) and tomorrow, Friday will see a return to the scorching heat.

Jonathan Powell, forecaster for Vantage Weather Services, said parts of the UK could still hit 100F (38C) over the next week.

He said there is a good chance of the highest ever UK temperature of 101.3F (38.5C) being beaten before the end of the hot spell.

He said: "There is a slight blip on Wednesday and Thursday although nothing major and by Friday it is all set to kick off again.

"Another burst of heat with into the weekend and next week, and again there is the chance of hitting the 100F or even higher.

"This sustained heat could put July as the hottest on record, it is certainly going to be very nice for the next week - if you like the heat." 

James Madden forecaster for Exacta Weather, said: "The next few days will see a continuation of warm and sunny conditions for most parts of the country.

"Friday will also see a very warm day across most parts of the country with temperatures ranging up to 28C (82F).

"It is also still plausible that temperatures could touch or exceed the 30C (86F) mark in parts of the south on Saturday."


Thousands have been making the most of the hot weather flocking to Britain's parks and open spaces over the past few days.

However the heatwave has been tinged with tragedy with two people dead in suspected swimming accidents and a teenage girl still missing.

Fears for 14-year -old Hollie McClymont, who went missing while playing in the sea off Barry Island, South Wales, are growing by the day.

The schoolgirl was last spotted off the coast on Sunday, rescue teams were called off on Tuesday and it is now a police missing person search.

He disappearance came after 17 year-old Russell O’Neill, from Worcester, died at the weekend while swimming in a quarry.

In Gwynedd, North Wales, a 50-year-old man died from a heart attack on Saturday while diving in a quarry popular with swimmers.

Netweather said the warm dry weather is due to high pressure wedged over the UK which is showing no sign of moving.

Forecaster Jo Farrow said: "High pressure sitting right over the UK has been bringing the dry, sunny and very warm weather over recent days.

"This high looks set to stay until Friday, when it will move westwards out into the Atlantic."

The hot weather has also caused mayhem on the railways this week with high temperatures causing tracks to buckle leading to delays and cancellations.

Virgin Trains is hedging its bets and planing to hand out free umbrellas in London on Monday, St Swithin's Day, after former BBC forecaster Michael Fish predicted rain.

Legend has it that showers on St Swithin's Day foretells rain for the next 40 days and 40 nights.

Virgin Trains spokesman Arthur Leathley said: "We would hate for our customers to get caught in the rain, so if you are travelling through London Euston or Glasgow Station, make sure to grab a brolly."


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