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EastEnders viewers complain to Ofcom

2015-02-22 12:11:59

EastEnders 50thEastEnders viewers complained that 11-year-old Bobby Beale (played by Elliot Carrington, above) had been identified as the killer, claiming they could not have predicted the outcome themselves

EastEnders viewers frustrated with the dramatic twist have complained to Ofcom, claiming the mystery of Lucy Beale's death was too difficult to solve themselves.

Ofcom received five complaints in total, with four people bemoaning being given 'false information' which 'misled'  them when trying to work out who killed the character last year. 

More than 11 million people tuned in to see Bobby Beale, the character's 11-year-old half-brother, unmasked as her murderer in a highly publicised live-episode.

But audience members complained the development was too out of the blue, claiming the BBC provided viewers with false information about the killer's identity. 

Another viewer said the soap should have included a helpline after making references to murder and drugs throughout the much anticipated semi-live episode.  

'Ofcom has received five complaints about last night’s episode of EastEnders, on BBC 1.

'We will assess these complaints before deciding whether to investigate or not,' a spokesman said. 

Almost 12million people tuned in to BBC last night to learn who had killed tragic Lucy Beale on Good Friday last year. 

When Bobby was revealed to be her killer in a shock twist, more than one million tweets were posted about the show. 

Millions are expected to watch tonight's episode in which details of how the murder was covered up for so long are explored.

EastEnders 50thViewers also complained that no helpline was advertised at the end of the show to help those affected by drug abuse or violence. Lucy Beale (played by Hettie Bywater, above), had a drug problem

Eastenders 50thIn 1997, 22 million viewers watched Bianca Jackson and Ricky Butcher (played by Patsy Palmer and Sid Owen) get married in a special episode of the show

While Friday's ratings were three times the number of an ordinary mid-week episode they pale into comparison with others in the show's 30 year history. 

In 1997, 22 million people tuned in to watch the wedding of Bianca Jackson and Ricky Butcher, while 30 million saw 'Dirty' Den Watts hand a divorce letter on Christmas day in 1986. 

When Phil Mitchell's shooter was revealed in 2001, 19million people watched the show. 

The drop in ratings is a result of an increase in the number of television channels available today, experts said. 

'No other medium is as popular as TV, has the power to attract millions of people together at the same time and makes such an impact on our culture,' said Lindsey Clay, chief executive of Thinkbox, the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK.   

'TV has always done this, but 30 years ago people could only choose from a handful of channels; now they have hundreds - and the flexibility to watch whenever and wherever they like.

'This huge choice has meant that the TV audience is more spread out than it used to be because people can seek out shows they are specifically interested in - foodies have food channels, sports fans have sports channels, arts fans have arts channels and so on. 

'This has made for happier viewers and a more engaged audience.'

EastEnders 50thIn 2001, almost 20million people turned on BBC to find out who had shot Phil Mitchell (played by Steve McFadden, above)


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