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Dog passed off as lion at Chinese zoo

2013-08-15 23:32:43

Mastiff Don

A Chinese zoo tried to pass off a fluffy dog as a lion – but was found out when the animal barked.

The Tibetan mastiff dog was claimed to be an “African lion” in the wildlife park in Luohe, Henan province.

But visitors were not fooled, with one mother, Liu Wen, explaining what happened when she was at the zoo with her young son. “I tried to play along and told him it was a special kind of lion. But then the dog barked and he knew straight away what it was and that I'd lied to him.

How can they tell such dreadful tales and expect to get away with it?” she was quoted as saying.

Rats were also said to be "snakes". A spokesman for the zoo said: "We're doing our best in tough economic times. If anyone is unhappy with our displays we will give back their money."


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