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Desperate lorry driver clings to van roof in his underpants

2012-12-10 03:52:04

A desperate truck driver clung to the roof of a van for a mile in his underwear after two thieves raided his lorry, which was parked in a Paris street.

The Polish delivery man spotted the two thieves breaking into his lorry from his hotel room window in the suburb of Villemomble.

Without stopping to put on his trousers, he raced through the building and managed to clamber onto the roof of the robbers' van as they drove off.

Wearing only his pants, socks and T-shirt, he held on for a mile as the thieves sped through traffic.

But when the van stopped at a red light, the half-dressed victim leapt down and grabbed the driver through the window while the other man escaped.

A Paris police spokesman said: 'He was delivering a cargo of shoes to England when he spotted these two stealing from his lorry.

'He set off to catch them without getting fully dressed and after almost two kilometres on the van's roof, he managed to leap down and grab one of the men, while the other escaped. 'He held him until police arrived and managed to recover his stolen goods.'

The drama last Thursday was all caught on council CCTV cameras. The suspected thief was taken into custody and would be appearing before magistrates this week.


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