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'Dead body' in River Trent is actually alive

2013-07-04 22:35:44

River Trent

An apparently-dead woman floating in the River Trent was actually still alive, despite having been in the water for an hour.

The woman, in her 70s, opened her eyes when a police officer who waded into the river reached her lifeless form.

PC Mat Mitchell said the woman had looked dead and called it "one of the most bizarre experiences of my career".

He pulled her to the bank at Colwick Marina and she was taken to hospital where she was said to be doing well.

'More than surprised'

Pc Mitchell, of Nottinghamshire Police, had thrown a life ring to the woman on Tuesday but feared the worst when she did not respond and waded into the water.

The crew of a passing pleasure boat pulled him onboard so he could get nearer before he called out to the woman, who was floating on her back and looked "very peaceful".

"Her head was slightly submerged and she really did look dead. Then, in one of the most bizarre experiences of my career, she opened her eyes," he said.

"She had the most piercing blue eyes - it was so bizarre. I stripped off and jumped in the water, she was about 20 metres away, and swam her back to the bank.

"We were more than surprised, I don't think I can repeat what we said."

'Happy ending'

PC Mitchell, who was helped by PC Katie Eustace, added: "It's certainly not every day you go wading into the water.

"I'd like to say it was like a scene from Baywatch but it was actually very cold and I'm not quite as chiselled as David Hasselhoff.

"We were preparing for the worst so it was so nice that this had a happy ending."

The woman is expected to be discharged from hospital soon.

"I have spoken to her husband since the incident and she's doing well," PC Mitchell said.


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