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Boy fakes kidnapping to get out of parents evening

2013-01-27 17:02:51

An 11-year-old boy in the town of Xinzo de Limia, Spain, really wanted his parents to skip the scheduled conference with his teacher.

So he did what other kids might think about, but not actually do: Fake a kidnapping.

The incident happened early Monday afternoon when the unnamed aspiring criminal mastermind sent a text message from his mobile phone to tell his father he had been kidnapped, according to the Guardian.

When the father, a Spanish police officer, phoned back, the boy claimed he'd been snatched while emptying the trash and was now locked in a car trunk, according to Yahoo! News.

A nationwide alert was sent out, and cops in Portugal were notified in case the boy slipped cross the border. Then, the boy's dad noticed the keys to another house also owned by the family were missing. Upon investigation, he discovered his boy was hiding out there, Fox News reported.

The fake kidnapping victim admitted he was afraid of the pending parent-teacher conference and was trying to make a way to avoid it.

Fake kidnappings are unusual, but not uncommon.

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