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123-yr-old man thought to be the world's oldest

2013-08-19 00:09:40

Carmelo Flores Laura

A goat herder in Bolivia may just be the world's oldest person alive to be ever recorded. At 123 years old, Carmelo Flores Laura can't speak Spanish despite living in Bolivia and has received no formal education. His birth records showed he was born on July 16, 1890.

He is living in a straw-roofed hut with a dirt floor near Lake Titicaca. Mr Laura has no teeth and can barely see. An Aymara native, he speaks the Aymara language clearly but finds it hard to hear sounds.

When asked about the secret to his long life, Mr. Laura said he always walks around as a form of exercise, eats barley and mutton. He said he doesn't consume alcoholic drinks.

According to the Guinness Book of Records,the oldest living person with certified birth records is a Misao Okawa, a 115-year-old Japanese woman.

World's oldest man eats foxes and lizards

Mr Laura's secret may not be so secret after all as the right balance of exercise and diet can be achieved to get a healthy and longer life. Health experts say it's not good to be too skinny and here are some tips on how to be maintain a healthy weight.

Foods to avoid

Junk food

Junk food is bad both for people who are trying to lose and gain weight. It contains empty calories which don't really do anything for the body. Junk food does not have the nutrients your body needs to build muscles and strong bones to support a leaner frame.

Low-fat or non-fat milk

Remember that you are trying to gain weight. You don't need to lose any more. Low-fat milk has low calorie content and does not really do anything to help you achieve your goal.

Saturated fats

Avoid foods rich in saturated fats. These are the bad fats that can cause heart disease and clog the arteries. On your next trip to the supermarket, make sure you read the food labels before you pay for anything.


For more effective results, complement your weight-gain diet with strength training exercises. Doing a series of lunges, squats and leg lifts helps build muscles and tone your body. Intense workouts before a meal will always leave you hungry. Use this opportunity to eat more calorie-rich foods and maintain a healthy weight.


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