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12/12/12: filmmakers across the globe to capture 24 hours

2012-12-11 21:40:16


Thousands of documentary makers across the globe will simultaneously record their lives over a 24-hour period on December 12 to create a film entitled One Day on Earth.

Wednesday December 12, 12.12.12, will see the launch of the third collaborative filmmaking event in the One Day on Earth series after 10.10.10 and 11.11.11.

The day is seen as auspicious by some given it's the century's last sequential date. Dates such as 10.10.10 and 11.11.11 have traditionally seen couples flock to get married and a similar surge is expected tomorrow.

Couples in Asia are particularly keen to tie the knot on the lucky date as it's thought to signify love.

However, some internet doomsayers have picked tomorrow as the date for the world's end.

One Day on Earth is organised by the United Nations, along with more than 60 non-profit organisations. It is thought that hundreds of schools and students will also participate in the simultaneous recording.

Filming will take place in every country in the world.

On the event's twitter feed, dozens of random facts about what happens on a day on Earth have been posted.

On an average day, 4,489 new books are published, eight billion text messages are sent and passengers will board planes at 48, 357 airports, according to the tweets.

Humans spend an average of 1.1 hours travelling and 13, 741 toxic chemicals are released into the atmosphere in one day, other tweets say.


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