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Woman who sexually abused vulnerable man loses appeal

2013-02-22 17:03:56

Yasmine Notice

A Birmingham woman who lured a vulnerable 22-year-old man to her flat, plied him with drink and sexually abused him at gunpoint has lost an appeal against her jail sentence.

Yasmine Notice, 20, of Nechells, and stepsister Whitney subjected their victim - who has learning difficulties - to a horrifying 90-minute ordeal.

The attack was filmed on mobile phones and then broadcast on Facebook.

Yasmine admitted causing the man to engage in sexual activity against his will, false imprisonment and assault and was jailed for seven years and two months at Birmingham Crown Court in November.

This week the sex attacker, of Queens Tower, Nechells, appeared via a video link at the Court of Appeal where senior judges rejected her legal bid for a cut in sentence.

Mrs Justice Swift said Yasmine had met the man at a KFC restaurant last February and persuaded him to go back to the flat she shared with her sister.

"There's no doubt that he was persuaded to come with the appellant because both sisters had already planned to - quote - 'terror' him," said the judge.

Once there, the victim was given cider to drink, handcuffed to a radiator, punched, kicked and forced to perform sex acts, whilst an imitation firearm was pointed at his head and Yasmine recorded the abuse.

Eventually, the man was allowed to leave, but he was told that somebody would be waiting at his flat to make sure he did not tell police.

But cops were alerted by someone who saw footage of the abuse, which Yasmine had uploaded to Facebook.

"The aggravating features included that the victim was plied with alcohol and, most importantly, the images of his abuse were put on Facebook by the appellant," continued the appeal judge.

"Moreover, threats were made which were designed to prevent him from going to the police.

"As to the role played by the appellant, we consider that the judge was right to draw attention to the manipulative nature of the appellant's conduct.

"She had lured him to the flat with the intention of terrorising him there and pretended to be his friend, whilst photographing and filming his ordeal."

Her stepsister, who received credit for pleading guilty at an earlier stage, did not appeal against her five years four months sentence for the same offences, plus robbery.

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