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Wolverhampton IVF clinic St Jude's faces further criticism

2015-02-14 20:24:14

Chardonnay La'MoreChardonnay La'More said the chance of becoming a mother had been "taken away" from her

A second woman has claimed her eggs were extracted without her informed consent at a fertility clinic that has since had been refused a licence.

Chardonnay La'More's eggs were lost at St Jude's, Wolverhampton, because they were not fertilised in time.

She said she was coerced to continue the procedure without being fully aware of the consequences if her partner did not attend.

St Jude's has been advised to review its consent policy after an inquiry.

Ms La'More, who has bipolar disorder, said she was in "a terrible state" and "wasn't thinking straight" when her partner did not arrive on the day of her IVF procedure in April 2012.

St Judes Womens HospitalSt Jude's clinic is currently operating on a temporary licence after Dr Jude Adeghe was refused a renewal last year

For IVF treatment to work, eggs have to be fertilised within a certain time.

In Ms La'More's case this was by the end of the day but, because her partner was not available, the eggs were lost.

Ms La'More, 33, said the clinic's actions had reduced her chances of becoming a mother.

"I sit here now with my fertility decreasing not able to have a chance of being a mother, not being able to bond and love a child," she said.

An investigation by South Staffordshire Primary Care Trust found the clinic should have outlined the options and consequences if Ms La'More's partner did not attend and obtained updated informed consent.

St Judes Womens HospitalSt Jude's has held an IVF licence from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority since 2002

It concluded she should have received a more personal service due to her complex medical history and recommended the clinic reviewed its counselling referral policy.

Dr Jude Adeghe, who runs the clinic, said he had tried to contact Ms La'More's partner and said it was only clear several hours later that he would not attend.

St Jude's said the matter had been fully investigated and "laid to rest".

St Jude's IVF licence was refused two years after Ms La'More's procedure following separate claims staff got consent to collect another woman's eggs while she was under the effects of sedation.

Dr Adeghe is continuing to operate on a temporary licence until an appeal hearing next month.


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