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Police probe over Broad Street 'baton attack' footage

2013-11-22 23:11:12

Ryan Phipps
Ryan Phipps and (inset) the incident in Broad Street

An investigation is underway after a clubber claimed he was attacked by baton-wielding cops called to a Broad Street brawl – with the incident captured on camera.

Ryan Phipps, 31, says he was struck three times by two police officers after he found himself caught up in a mass street fight outside Gatecrasher nightclub.

An 11-second clip of the incident shows the personal trainer, from Moseley, being struck on the right arm from behind with a baton as he walked past one officer, whose helmet had momentarily slipped forward.

A second nearby officer is then seen turning to face Mr Phipps, who has his hands down by his side, and then strikes him across the left arm with a baton.

The personal trainer appears to be struck a third time by the same officer, before being seen walking away.

The aspiring gym worker visited Queen Elizabeth Hospital to receive treatment for arm injuries following the 4am incident on September 29.

Mr Phipps lodged a complaint about his treatment to West Midlands Police days later and handed over the footage, which was captured by an onlooker on a mobile phone.

The personal trainer was arrested weeks later on suspicion of violent disorder in relation to the same incident and is currently on bail.

West Midlands Police have confirmed they are investigating the complaint and the matter has also been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Police had been called to Broad Street after trouble flared near Gatecrasher.

Mr Phipps claims he had been at another club and was walking back to his car when he became caught up in the police operation to quell the trouble, involving a large group of men.

He said: "The police just appeared from everywhere. All of the clubs were closing at the same time which meant there were lots of people in the middle of all this trouble.

"The police officer I bumped into turned around and looked at me and ushered me to keep walking. I raised my hand to show him which way I was going and walked past him. I took two or three steps then felt a horrendous blow to my right elbow. I turned around and looked at the officer and asked 'what was that for?'

"Then I saw the second officer and said 'officer I haven't done anything'. He jumped at me and hit me. I stayed there with my hands out and he did it again.

"At this point I thought the next one would be aimed at my head, so I walked away." 

Mr Phipps said he had lost a stone in weight since the incident, he struggles to sleep and has had to drop out of a gym instructor course he was due to start last month.

He added: "It was about 30 seconds after I was hit that the immense pain set in. I didn't realise that the first officer had taken a chunk out of my arm and it was bleeding heavily.

"I nearly passed out from the pain. My other arm was swollen to the point it wouldn't extend.

"The most hurtful and upsetting thing about all of this is though was not the injuries. When I told my mom and the rest of my family they did not believe me at first.

"They said I must have done something or resisted arrest to receive injuries like the ones I had received.

"It was only when I was handed the footage that people could actually see what had happened.

"I was handed it after I got a call from somebody who recognised me and uses the same 24-hour gym.

"I must have seen dozens of people I recognised that night from the gym.’"

Birmingham Central Police Superintendent Danny Long said: "We've been made aware of camera footage taken during a large scale disorder in Broad Street in the early hours of Sunday September 29 and a subsequent complaint from a member of the public.

"This matter has been passed to our Professional Standards Department which investigates allegations of officer misconduct.


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