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Conman jailed over 370k escort and adult chatline fraud

2015-03-04 00:30:33

Nabil MohammedJobless conman Nabil Mohammed, of Moseley, was jailed for four years and nine moths for a string of frauds.

A jobless lothario who posed as the kingpin of escort and adult chatline firms to con more than £370,000 from unsuspecting victims has been jailed.

Nabil Mohammed's victims included a 68-year-old who lost his home after handing the crook £96,000.

A second, who became his girlfriend after they met online, was left jobless after giving him £177,000.

Two other women lost £50,000 after he preyed on their money worries and persuaded them to hand over their bank details.

And a fifth victim, aged 86, was lured into a similar scam and lost more than £20,000 from his accounts.

The callous 51-year-old, of Bibsworth Avenue, Moseley, squandered much of the cash in online casinos.

West Midlands Police said unemployed Mohammed used a network of associates to identify his targets online.

His first victim re-mortgaged his home believing the £96,000 he handed over would be used to fund the launch of an online adult chatroom business.

But he was later evicted from his house after being left penniless and unable to pay off his new mortgage.

His second victim, a 63-year-old woman, quit her job and started a relationship with the crook believing he was a wealthy man.

Mohammed offered her a directorship in one of his "many escort businesses" and she took out £20,000 of personal loans, followed by a £60,000 bridging loan to help pay for a new home she believed they would live in.

Two other women were also duped into handing over bank details after one of the women struck up a conversation in a chatroom.

But the £50,000 he took from them sparked a police investigation.

Mohammed was eventually charged with five counts of fraud by false representation in March 2014 and pleaded guilty at Birmingham Crown Court where he was sent to prison for four years and nine months.

PC Matthew Leach, of West Midlands Police’s economic crime unit, led the inquiry and said the criminal would now be forced to repay some of the cash.

He said: "Mohammed was cruel and gave no thought for the misery and devastation his actions were causing others.

"He conned people, some pensioners, out of thousands of pounds and in at least two cases caused them to lose their homes.

"The truly shocking part of his crime is that while he was driven by greed - he ultimately frittered much of what he stole away using online gambling sites.

"These people trusted him with their hard-earned savings, or took out credit agreements on his behalf, only to now end up ruined themselves all so he could have some fun betting online.

"Thankfully he was eventually caught and arrested for his crimes.

"He will now spend four years in jail and will be subject of a Proceeds of Crime Act hearing in an attempt to recover some of that which he so callously took from others."

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