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Nine beauty resolutions for 2013

2013-01-01 14:37:31

Gym membership, fad diets, cutting down on booze... sound familiar? We've all made promises we know we won't really keep, but what if looking your best in 2013 only meant making a few, easy tweaks to your everyday beauty routine?

We're all guilty of being 'too busy' to wash our face after a night out or skipping the SPF in favour of scoring a few rays. But what if instead of buying expensive facials or makeup, there are a few tricks you could easily do to make your skin, hair and all around beauty that much better in 2013?

MSN Her caught up with the experts to find out what beauty resolutions you should really be making this NYE.

Go natural

London hair colourist Daniel Gavin ( says: "The most common problem I see is women going too far away from their natural colour." With many of us only knowing what our original colour is thanks to school photos, try letting your roots grow out just enough for your hairdresser to locate your natural colour on a colour wheel, then aim for a new colour two or three shades away. Daniel adds: "All you should really be doing with hair colour is enhancing the natural beauty you were blessed with - it's very rare for a colour that's completely different to your own to bring out the best in your features."

Wash and rinse, repeat

Founder of OSKIA skincare ( Georgie Cleeve says: "Missing out on a double cleanse in the evening can lead to ingrained dirt and bacteria. The first cleanse removes makeup, but it's the second cleanse that properly cleans pores and removes dirt." It can be tough to add that extra step, especially after a big night out when the duvet is calling your name. But the results could mean clearer and more vibrant skin, meaning less makeup for you!

Bin the mascara

"A huge makeup sin includes wearing mascara that by the smell alone says it is out of date, let alone the over cloggy brush!" says makeup artist to the stars, Julia Francis. ( Beauty experts recommend buying a new mascara every six months (or when you can see it's past its best) to prevent bacteria and the risk of a nasty eye infection every time you coat.

Use the right colour, and blend

Julia counts "not blending foundation properly, especially around the hairline and jaw line" as one of the biggest makeup sins we commit in our half-asleep, morning application. No surprise here, it's even easier to commit when using the wrong shade. It's tempting to cut costs and stick to the same foundation you used after your summer holiday hoping it'll help retain a bit of the bronzed goddess you once were. But unfortunately, if the colours don't match, it'll show.

Try a little collagen

Don't worry, no jabs! Collagen is that stuff our bodies produce which keeps our skin looking firm and smooth, though unfortunately as we grow older we produce less and less, leading to wrinkles, fine lines and sagging. Georgie says: "Applying a good oil during the day in the winter and at night during warmer weather will boost your skin's protection barriers and keep it strong, supple and hydrated. The best oils include collagen boosting extracts." To take it a step further, Georgie also recommends taking collagen boosting and anti-oxidant supplements to protect against skin damage. Especially if you're a bit of a sun worshiper.

Cut down on the flat iron

Daniel puts it like this: "Treat your hair as you would your favourite cashmere sweater. Your hair is the same - it's delicate; it needs tender loving care." That said, why do so many of us still wash, dry, and curl and straighten our hair on a daily basis? Over heating can not only take away hair's natural shine, but causes breakage, eventually making hair weak and thinner. Try washing hair every other day, using a heat protecting spray before styling and carefully sectioning your hair to keep from straightening the same strands over and over.


Ok ok, an obvious one. But we've mentioned it because as Georgie points out "every woman knows the importance of cleansing properly and using SPF during the sunny months, but both are still the most common skin sins. Religiously wear SPF when the sun's out - and when it's not." Besides the threat of skin cancer, harmful rays can also cause skin pigmentation, premature wrinkles, and a not-so-nice leathery texture down the road. Introduce tinted moisturiser or foundation with built in SPF for sunny days to protect that precious skin.

Take conditioning to the next level

Turns out, keeping conditioner in your hair while you shave your legs before rinsing with cool(ish) water may not be doing as much good as you've thought. Daniel says: "Conditioner is a silk rinse - it sits on the hair while your hair is wet and helps as you try (with a wide tooth comb!) to take out the knots in your hair.  When you wash it out it has performed its purpose." Daniel suggests using a conditioning masque every two weeks to keep hair hydrated and frizz free.

Treat yourself to a regular facial

But not necessarily one to break the bank. Georgie recommends: "If skin is looking a little dull and dry, sweep a cotton wool pad soaked in half lemon, kiwi, or-lime juice, and half warm water. The natural AHA's will dissolve intercellular glue and remove dead and dry skin cells to reveal fresher skin."This quick at-home facial will help fight the harsh effects of winter for less than the cost of a cuppa.


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