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Life begins at 50! Older women feel happier

2013-03-15 04:00:45

Far from being 'over the hill' today's 50-something women say they feel better with age.

Sex, wellbeing and relationships have all improved for many women after they reached their half century, according to new research.

Playtex quizzed 1,500 British women aged 20 to 65 and found those 50-plus were more happy, vivacious and adventurous than ever before.

Almost half, 49 per cent said they felt content with life since turning 50 and had better sex lives and relationships.

The survey found that one in five women over 50s have sex at least once a week - the same amount as women in their 20s - with 27 per cent of the older women admitting that they enjoy sex now more than ever.

When it comes to meeting men, 11 per cent of the 50-plus women use online dating sites compared to 15 per cent of 20-something women.

For those in stable relationships, nearly half (47 per cent), of the 50-plus women said their relationships were far from stale as they enjoyed spending time with their partners more since turning 50.

Smashing the notion that older women can only look forward to a life of sensible underwear and a pair of comfy slippers, 50 per cent of the older women said they still donned sexy lingerie and loved to match their bra and briefs for a seductive look.

And far from slowing down with age, the survey found that 50-plus women are more active than their younger counterparts with almost half (42 per cent) of respondents starting Zumba in the past year.

The adventurous nature of 50-plus women doesn't stop there, with almost a quarter (23 per cent) hoping to try a new sport in 2013 compared to just 16 per cent of women in their 20s.

This was epitomised by Linda Barker, 51, who took up diving this year on the TV show Splash! and outshone the younger women with her diving skills as well as her stunning bikini body.

Since then, she has been signed up to work with Playtex on their new campaign seeking to prove that modern 50-somethings are an 'ageless generation' of women.

She said: 'As a woman over 50, it does become tiresome when the world around you thinks that you immediately stop feeling sexy, stop being adventurous and stop enjoying life. I feel more confident and excited about life than ever before and I'm so happy that the research by Playtex really helps to challenge those outdated notions of what being 50 feels like.

'We're not the same at 50 that our mothers were - we are now a truly Ageless Generation of women.'

Linda's comment on her mother is backed up by the survey which found today's 50-plus women no longer have the same values as their parents.
The majority, 93 per cent, said they have broken with the traditions and customs that their mothers had passed on to them and they feel more aligned with their younger daughters - with 64 per cent describing their grown-up offspring as their friends.

With celebrities in their fifties like Linda, Carol Vorderman and Sheryl Crow proving you can still be sexy, successful and active as the decades pass, 85 percent of the women polled said they would like to see more 50-plus women like them in the media.

A large proportion of the 50-plus women (84 per cent) also said they feel misunderstood by retailers.

Marica Carleschi, marketing manager at Playtex said: 'It is fantastic to see so many women in their 50s enjoying life more than ever. The results prove that life gets more exciting and adventurous at 50 and that women should not be defined by age anymore.'

Playtex are now looking for 'real' women to be the faces of their 'Ageless Generation' campaign.

Nominations can be made at the Playtex Facebook page and three winners will be chosen.


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