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Woman gets £8 million payout for NHS operation blunder

2015-05-05 22:46:15

laparoscopic procedureDuring the laparoscopic procedure the woman's aorta was punctured leading to her heart stopping Photo: Alamy

A woman who suffered irreversible brain damage during treatment for an ectopic pregnancy has been awarded High Court damages worth £8 million.

Before the tragedy in March 2010, the woman, who cannot be identified, had a full social life, worked as a hairdresser, was in a serious relationship and was looking forward to having her baby.

"Life looked promising," said Mrs Justice Swift in London today.

But, during the laparoscopic procedure to remove the ruptured ectopic pregnancy at Hope Hospital, Manchester, her aorta was punctured and she suffered such severe blood loss that her circulation collapsed and her heart stopped.

There was a catastrophic injury to the woman's brain and, now aged 27, she depends on a wheelchair, has severe cognitive deficits and will always require 24-hour care.

The judge, who approved the award, said that the woman, who has little insight into her condition, remained generally cheerful with a good sense of humour and still drew considerable enjoyment from outings with her family and friends.

She was able to do this due to the enormous support given by her mother and sister, to whom the judge expressed her admiration.

The damages, which include a lump sum of £2 million plus substantial annual life-long payments, were awarded against Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, which had admitted liability.

The judge approved the award as realistic and in the woman's best interests, and said it would provide her with security throughout her life.


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