The power of Brexit food analogies – from crisps and cake to 'thick as mince'

Gastro-related phrases have infused the Brexit debate in recent days. But this type of political ribbing is nothing new

You wait for ever for a food-related Brexit analogy to come along, and then you get two at once. In recent days, we’ve seen Sir Martin Donnelly, former Department of International Trade permanent secretary, state that leaving the European customs union would be “like giving up a three-course meal in favour of a packet of crisps” and MP Anna Soubry laying into Jeremy Corbyn in a decidedly lactose-intolerant tweet, describing him as “full fat anti-EU” and offering “a skinny Brexit, a cynical ploy”, when his version of Brexit won’t even be “semi-skimmed”.

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Guardian Lifestyle - Tue, 27 Feb 2018 15:01:54 GMT

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The power of Brexit food analogies – from crisps and cake to 'thick as mince'

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