The new stone age – how crystals became a magical style trend

Crystals were once dismissed as hippy dippy nonsense. Now they are popping up on the catwalk and in the handbags of everyone from Adele to Naomi Campbell. Has mysticism gone mainstream?

Wellness is taking over the world. The latest figures from the Global Wellness Institute – a not-for-profit organisation that unpacks where we are at with health, wealth and self – values the industry at $3.7tn (£2.6tn) globally.

On one hand, this is not suprising. The tentacular reach of Goop, alongside a litany of yogas, meditation, supplements and books, have firmly rooted wellness into our everyday routines. But one thing that might surprise you is that the complementary/alternative medicine market alone is now worth almost $200bn.

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Guardian Health and Wellbeing - Tue, 27 Feb 2018 10:31:31 GMT

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