Moorcock Inn, West Yorkshire: ‘Head-spinningly good’ – restaurant review | Jay Rayner

This is an astonishingly assured opening. Start planning your visit now, says Jay Rayner

Moorcock Inn, Moorbottom Lane, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire HX6 3RP (01422 832 103). Meal for two, including drinks and service: £50-£100

You will soon hear an awful lot about the Moorcock Inn. It will feature on “hot right now” lists. Your annoying friends, the ones who structure weekends away around a single dinner, will start talking frothily about mini-breaks in Halifax. Social media will fill with over-lit, porny shots of intriguing-looking food, plonked in rough-hewn tableware. And for once every single bit of this sweaty, over-heated clamour will be utterly deserved. The new incarnation of the Moorcock, high on the West Yorkshire moors at Sowerby Bridge, is by turns the most self-assured and self-possessed, poised and absurdly wistful launch in years. What in God’s name possessed them, apart from great taste, fearsome cooking skills and a “sod it, let’s do it” attitude?

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Guardian Lifestyle - Sun, 06 May 2018 05:00:13 GMT

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Moorcock Inn, West Yorkshire: ‘Head-spinningly good’ – restaurant review | Jay Rayner

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