Miquela the ‘cyborg’ and handbag drones – Milan fashion week’s weird vision of the future

Prada last week recruited a CGI Instagram star to launch its AW18 collection – and, from drones to synthetic heads, questions about how tech is changing reality were high on the agenda

Meet Miquela. She is your typical social media star, with 620,000 Instagram followers and a feed full of photogenic friends, sun-dappled LA parties and selfies in which she wears Diesel hoodies and Moncler padded jackets. Her life looks so perfect – and so perfectly 2018 – that you wonder if it can be real. Well, the thing is: it isn’t.

You might have guessed as much from her saucer eyes and egg-smooth skin. Her level of visual perfection goes beyond the use of Facetune. Miquela looks like an anime Kardashian and is, apparently, entirely computer-generated. She is a digital influencer who will never demand a front-row seat. Little wonder the fashion industry has welcomed her with open arms.

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Guardian Lifestyle - Tue, 27 Feb 2018 16:14:24 GMT

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