London’s Peaks: 12 things we learned walking to the capital’s high places

Our mission to walk to the capital’s high places with interesting people from each borough has given us a fascinating insight into London life, past and present

What do a nondescript road next to Kensal Green tube station, a prominent mound on Putney Heath, and Eaglesfield Recreation Ground on Shooters Hill have in common? They are all the highest points in their respective London boroughs.

Over the past 12 weeks, we have been walking to all of them as part of our podcast, London’s Peaks. The idea was inspired, in part, by Jonny Muir’s ‘12 Summits of London’ challenge, in which he ran to the peaks of the 12 inner-London boroughs all in one go – covering some 41 miles in a tad over six hours. Jonny is an ex-running club mate of ours and an extremely fit man. His achievement sounded hugely impressive; it also sounded like hard and lonely work. So we decided on a more social and sedate alternative: walking to the 12 peaks, accompanied by interesting people from each borough. En route, we would discuss the borough, London and life in general.

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Guardian Health and Wellbeing - Tue, 30 May 2017 12:27:45 GMT

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London’s Peaks: 12 things we learned walking to the capital’s high places

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