How much do you earn? ‘It’s not something you want to talk about’

There’s nothing that makes Brits cringe more than discussing our salaries. Have the gender pay revelations changed that?

How much do you earn? There are few questions that British people find so excruciating – or rude. Walking around Bristol on a heaven-scented spring day, buttonholing random strangers about their personal finances, I sense most would prefer it if I were asking when they last masturbated, or passed stool, or voted Conservative.

“I’d say that’s a cheek!” says a gentleman in his 80s. But why? “I’m British, that’s why. My business is my business.”

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Guardian Lifestyle - Sat, 12 May 2018 08:00:25 GMT

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How much do you earn? ‘It’s not something you want to talk about’

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