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On World Milk Day, we are proud to say we have signed up to the Milk Manifesto, which sets out why it is key to healthy living

Across the globe, people are today celebrating World Milk Day – and the nutritional goodness of milk. We have been drinking milk for over 11,000 years and, rightly, it’s a crucial part of the British diet. In an era of fad diets and self-styled nutritionists offering ill-founded advice, we are in real need of common sense.

The science behind milk says it all. Calcium, iodine and protein are all key nutrients that benefit adults, teenagers and children alike. Milk also has a protective or neutral relationship with heart health and type 2 diabetes; and it is known as nature’s sports drink as it aids muscle recovery and provides rehydration.

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Guardian Health and Wellbeing - Thu, 01 Jun 2017 06:00:47 GMT

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