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Teenager who orchestrated 'revenge rape' attack detained

2014-11-13 19:35:24

Aliyah Weekes
Aliyah Weekes was convicted of aiding and abetting the attack

A woman who orchestrated a "revenge rape" on a teenager she told "snitches get stitches" has been jailed.

Aliyah Weekes, 19, instigated a sex attack carried out by her brother in an alleyway on the 15-year-old victim, whom she accused of spreading rumours.

She was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in a young offenders institute for her role in what the Old Bailey judge called a "truly wicked" crime.

Her brother Lacquan Weekes, 18, was detained for five years for rape.

'This was no game'

Aliyah Weekes, of Harlesden, north-west London, and a 16-year-old girl were convicted of aiding and abetting the attack, which happened on 29 April.

The youngest defendant was given an 18-month youth rehabilitation order.

Sentencing the three, Judge Jeremy Donne said: "This was no game. This was no childish folly.

"This was a wicked crime and one that, Aliyah Weekes, you determined upon over the space of about an hour during which the victim was detained."

Lacquan Weekes
Lacquan Weekes, 18, was detained for five years

He said he held Aliyah Weekes "principally responsible" for the attack, saying it would not have happened without her involvement.

She had said "snitches get stitches" when she accused the victim of telling secrets about her and the 16-year-old, the court heard.

She also threatened to make the victim "do a line-up" - street slang for giving oral sex to multiple men - and warned her she would be hurt if she did not comply.

Referring to the "stitches for snitches" comment to the victim before she was attacked, the judge said this made it clear that "what was motivating you was revenge".

'High risk to the public'

Lacquan Weekes, also of north-west London, smiled and chatted to his sister in the dock as the court heard a probation officer had determined he posed a "high risk" to the public.

The judge said Lacquan Weekes, who has previous convictions for battery and possession of drugs, had shown "not one iota of remorse" for the crime and said his behaviour while on remand had been "appalling".

Paul Stanislas, representing Aliyah Weekes, said she had played "no more" than an "instigator role" in the attack.

Michael Chambers, defending her brother, said his client came from a "very troubled background".

Clare Gordon, representing the youngest defendant, said she neither "perpetrated nor instigated" the attack.


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