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Strict Caribbean father who whipped daughter is spared jail

2014-09-21 01:40:17

Albert Lewis
Dad Albert Lewis outside court

A strict Caribbean father who stoned and whipped his daughter in the street was spared jail after it emerged the teen racially abused him.

Albert Lewis aimed the missiles at his 18-year-old's head and lashed her repeatedly with his belt as she ran for safety, later telling police, 'it felt good.'

The 56-year-old was arrested by police and told them in interview that he 'felt better' for disciplining Patsy Campbell, who he described as 'out of control.'

A neighbour called cops after watching the daughter struggling to escape through a locked gate on July 7 at her mother's home in Chester.

Detectives asked Mr Lewis if treating his child like that would be acceptable in his native Grenada, who replied: "Yes, because you wouldn't cuss or disrespect your parents."

Ms Campbell was left with red marks on her shoulders, arms and chest. Lewis, Hoole, Cheshire, pleaded guilty to assault by beating at Chester Magistrates Court and was fined £100, along with a 12-month community order being imposed.

Chester Magistrates
Guilty: Albert Lewis was convicted at Chester Magistrates' Court of assaulting his daughter in the street

In a letter handed to the court moments before her father's sentencing, the daughter admitted spitting on his car and screaming racist abuse because she knew it would "push his buttons".

Prosecutor Rob Youd, reading from the letter, said: "I admit I antagonised him on several occasions, often calling him racist names.

"I am not a racist but I knew it would push his buttons. I have never been beaten by my father before. I regret my actions."

Ms Campbell also conceded she screamed, "help there's a big black man chasing me".

Mr Youd added: "She ran towards her mum's home in the hope of getting through the side gate. "She found it was locked, she was trapped between the house and the gate.

"She could hear him loosening his belt. She did not turn around, she was still trying to get around the gate."

Lewis hit his daughter four times before her mother came out and unlocked the gate, allowing her to escape. James Bagby, defending, said: "It was straight out of a Carry On film, running round the vehicle chasing each other."


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