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Making it last forever: Couple enjoy 75 years of togetherness

2015-02-14 11:21:05

William and Willie Mae FullwoodEnduring love: William and Willie Mae Fullwood

This might be the cutest thing you'll see this week. 98-year-old William Fullwood and 101-year-old Willie Mae Fullwood are celebrating 75 amazing years together.

According to Today, these two share eight children, 23 children and eight great-grandchildren within those seven decades. The best thing about this eternal love is that it started like many of the confusing relationships we find ourselves in–stalled and with the woman playing hard to get.

William chased Willie Mae. He was a baseball player in the Negro Leagues and Willie Mae was a God-fearing teacher in Georgia who caught his eye. Willie Mae curbed William because she was older than him. "She kept telling me I was too young, but I kept coming back," William told staff at the center, who recently threw a joint birthday party for the devoted couple, according to the Mt. Laurel Sun. "One day, she called me and said she was ready."

Obviously William won Willie Mae's heart, as they're celebrating 75 beautiful years together. Their son told Today that the couple believes they're blessed to wake up to one another every morning. And they are. Both William and Willie Mae are in great health, sharing a room at Mount Laurel Center for Rehabilitation.

When Willie Mae had difficulty walking, she was sent to Mt. Laurel for rehabilitation. William drove back and forth for nearly a year, until his children suggested he join his wife. "I told them they wanted to be in same room," Fullwoods' son said. "We had been trying to get my father to sell the house and go into assisted living or find a nursing home. But he still wanted to be his own man and do things the way he wanted to."

The staff is just as in love with the couple as they are with one another. They're adorable. "He takes very good care of her - like a mother, bending down to get her clothes and making sure she has the right breakfast," said activities director Maria Gommel.

"I love them," said Annie Kline, their 33-year-old occupational therapist. "She'll grab your hand and hug you as soon as she sees you. William is somewhat more reserved - he's very gentlemanly and charming. This is the best part of my work - seeing love that lasts."

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